Ghosts and Spirits are all around us

Real Maine Ghosts is a compilation of psychic investigations in Maine

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Why I needed a Paranormal Investigation:

“My son has seen bright blue orbs floating down the hallway…he has seen a woman walking around outside around a maple tree, she wants to show him something in the woods…His inner room door opens sometimes by itself… I have had strong feelings of depression since moving here and I have experienced a lot of sickness since moving here. One night I saw a large black figure in my closet and that was a little scary.” (To read more about this investigation look for the book Real Maine Ghosts, Real Maine People) -Marie Tucker- homeowner near Brunswick, Me. “When I was by myself, there were all these smells all the time, like aftershave or cologne, and cigar or cigarette smoke. We don’t allow smoking here. These are all young kids who come in and out of here (at the roller rink). We kept having problems with the music. Its digital. But it would stop all by itself in the middle of a set. These computers come on all by themselves sometimes. But worst of all was that big creaky front door noise like the door was opening up and then nobody was coming in.” (to read more about this investigation look for the book Real Maine Ghosts, Real Maine People) -Charlene Roberts-owner Rollerworld, in Topsham, Me. “There are 4 of us here who have seen stuff or felt stuff at Maine State Music Theatre Costume Design. We have heard funny scratching noises in our storage space; footsteps overhead on the storage floor when the building is closed and nobody has access there, a dark haired man and a pale faced woman when nobody else is here .They just vanished. What really scared me and made me call and ask for an investigation was when one of the staff was here by herself one night. ..” (to read more about this investigation look for the book Real Maine Ghosts, Real Maine People) -Amy Mussman- Co-owner of Maine State Music Theatre Costume Design, in Brunswick, Me.

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Eddita provides investigations and if necessary free spirit redirections for anyone. Please click to read the symptom checklist or to view Eddita's YouTube video explaining how to know if your home or business is haunted. To request an investigation immediately please contact Eddita at 207-353-7532. You may also email her at

Meet Eddita

People hire her because she is a medium. They admire her because she is open minded yet sensible and effective. They envy her because she has so much fun on paranormal investigations. Clients also appreciate her honesty and the technical expertise she brings with her collaborative Paranormal Investigation team. The Frontiers of the Mind team has a Satisfaction Guarantee

Explore Some Investigation Locations

Topsham Roller World is one of several Maine businesses and homes featured in Eddita's book ‘Real Maine Ghosts, Real Maine People'. Orb photography tours are available. Maine State Music Theatre Costume Rentals (MSMT Costumes) is a 6,000 square foot costume rental company, owned by Maine State Music Theatre, and located in a part of a 150 year old mill building in Brunswick, Maine. Please join us for Day one and stay tuned for Day Two at the Tucker House in Topsham. This particular site had some unexpected discoveries in store for us.

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