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Why I needed a Paranormal Investigation:

This house will be in the book Real Maine Ghosts. It has had a problem for many years. A small child was dumped out of bed.Growling and hissing noises in the dark...Poltergeist type phenomena.

Request an Investigation

Eddita provides investigations and if necessary free spirit redirections for anyone. Please click to read the symptom checklist or to view Eddita's YouTube video explaining how to know if your home or business is haunted. To request an investigation immediately please contact Eddita at 207-353-7532. You may also email her at

Meet Eddita

People hire her because she is a medium. They admire her because she is open minded yet sensible and effective. They envy her because she has so much fun on paranormal investigations. Clients also appreciate her honesty and the technical expertise she brings with her collaborative Paranormal Investigation team. The Frontiers of the Mind team has a Satisfaction Guarantee

Explore Some Investigation Locations

The A Team and guests investigated Lakewood Summer Theater in Madison, Maine using cameras and Spirit Boxs. Please enjoy our posted video and look for more information in our upcoming book Real Maine Ghosts!

Enter here for a chance to win a free copy of:of the upcoming book: Real Maine Ghosts, Real Maine People. One free autographed copy will be given away per month in 2016.All participants will receive a coupon for 20% off the pre-publication cost. Anticipated release date for Real Maine Ghosts: October 1st, 2016.